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John Carter Cash comes from country music royalty. He's the only child of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, and has a music career of his own. Cash was in the Faroes last week, and our good friend Heri Simonsen caught up with him to talk to him about the Faroe Islands, country music, and what it's like to grow up with Johnny Cash for a dad.

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This week, we talk to Sakaris Stora. He recently directed a silm that played at the HollyShorts film festival in Los Angeles, California. We'll talk about how quickly the Faroese film scene has changed in just a few years. Then we'll head under the runway in the village of Sorvagur. And we'll also run down the news regarding EU sanctions against the Faroe Islands.

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This week, we talk to Eiler Fagratlett about the changes in the LGBT community following the historic 2012 Faroe Pride rally that drew more than 5,000 people to the streets of Torshavn. Then we'll test Eiler's gaydar.

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This week, we talk to ORKA founder Jens Thomsen about his project Foroyar 5.2, which blends music, geology, and video. We'll ask Thomsen how this unique collaboration came about and listen to some of the composition.

We also give special thanks this week to our Kickstarter supporters David Pleasant, Sean Cearley, and Bill Schwab for helping make this week's episode possible.

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