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This week, a little something special for the holidays. Our good friend Stanley Samuelsen talks to us about his memories of Christmas as a child in the Faroe Islands. Then (of course) he plays us a Faroese Christmas song. 

Please consider this our Christmas gift to you. 

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This week, we talk about the three major news stories that have dominated the headlines in the faroes for the past month: the elections, a hurricane, and the murder of Danjal Petur Hansen.

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This week, our good firend Heri Simonsen talks to American journalist James McGrath about his experienes in the Faroe Islands.

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This week, more of our conversation with Graham Yapp, he's an English groundhopper who visited the Faroe Islands this summer. Also, we report on the first homicide in the Faroe Islands in 25 years.

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This week, we talk to Graham Yapp, a groundhopper from the UK who spent two weeks in the Faroe Islands trying to attend as many football (soccer) matches at as many pitches as possible. Then we'll try our hands at keggling.

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This week, we take a trip to the only golf course in the Faroe Islands.

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This week, we recap the action from last week's elections, listen to some music from Lyon, and observe a real, live traffic jam in the Faroe Islands.

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This week, we talk to a real, live political scientist about this week's elections in the Faroe Isalnds.

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This week, we talk about the recent successes of farmed salmon from the Faroe Islands, then we return to the "haunted" tunnels near Klaksvik to see if we can get another scare ahead of Halloween.

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This week, we travel the length of Kalsoy looking for anyone who actually lives on this mysterious island. Will be find an actual resident? (Hint: yes)

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