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Whale Wars Viking Shores hits the airwaves in the US week, so we talk to a reporter who spent a few days oboard the Steve Irwin it it patrols Faroese waters.

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This week, we talk to Matthew Landrum. He's a poet and translator and he's been translating the work of a Faroese poet over the past year. We'll talk about poetry, the Faroe Islands, and someone will even get to say, "You've been here before, laser hair!"

Then we'll travel to a cemetery to contemplate our own mortality. 

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This week, we travel to the island of Nolsoy. It's just a short boat ride from Torshavn, but it feels like a world away. On this show, we stroll the streets of the island's only village, visit some locals, and learn the story of Ove Joensen.

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