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This week, we talk to Birgir Kruse about putting together a Faroese atlas of the world. (Spoiler alert: it's WAY more complicated than you'd imagine.)


Then we'll visit a village with not many people, but a lot of friendly ducks.

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This week, we talk to Gutti Winther. He's a Faroese chef who is starring in a TV show highlighting food and tradition on all 18 of the Faroe Islands.

Then we'll visit a village on the southern island, and check out the lineup for this year's Summer Festival.

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This week, we learn about a major tunnel project in the Faroes that will connect Streymoy with two other islands.

Then our good friend Heri Simonsen talks to an Englishman who is running a university in China and looking for a few good Faroese students.

And finally, we take a windy walk to a place where people went to a lot of trouble to attend church.

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This week, the second part of our conversation with Runi Nielsen, He's a Faroese conservationist and a leading voice advocating the and of Faroese whaling, We'll talk about the effectiveness of techniques used by foreign anti-whaling groups, and ask if whaling has any long-term furure in Faroese society.

Then we'll head out into the rain for football (soccer) practice.

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