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EP 24: G! Festival 2009, Part 2

This is part two of our special report from the G! Festival. This time out, we speak with Teitur, Boys in a Band, and Valravn.

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EP 23: G! Festival 2009, Part 1

This week, we speak to artists performing at this year's G! Festival. We chat with Jens Thomsen, B.A.B.Y. and Heidrik, and listen to some music as well.

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EP 22: Brian Kerr, Faroese Football

In this special edition of the podcast, we land at the Faroe Island's only airport, take in a few soccer games, and speak with Brian Kerr, the coach of the Faroe Islands National Team.

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EP 21: Matthew Workman on Ras 2

This special edition of the podcast features an interview with, well, me. I was interviewed on Ras 2 just a few days into my trip to the Faroes. Let this podcast serve as a preview to the many special episodes that will follow in the weeks to come.

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