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This week, we talk to our International Football Correspondent about the recent draw for the 2014 World Cup. The Faroe Islands is in Group "C", and they're not even the lowest ranked team! Can the national team pull off an upset against Ireland or even Germany? David Scally tells all.

Then we explore the concept of the "nice" neighborhood.

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This week, we talk to Danny Robins, he's the British journalist and comedian who created the Faroe Islands Rap. We'll talk about the song, and his quest to become famous in the Faroes in just 7 days. Then we'll visit a very lonely traffic light.

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This week, we talk to Eiler Fagraklett, he's on the board of directors of LGBT Faroe Islands. We'll talk about the state of gay rights in the Faroes, and about a new ad campaign sponsored by the group. Then we'll visit a village where the ferry doesn't stop.

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