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This week, we talk to a real, live political scientist about this week's elections in the Faroe Isalnds.

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This week, we talk about the recent successes of farmed salmon from the Faroe Islands, then we return to the "haunted" tunnels near Klaksvik to see if we can get another scare ahead of Halloween.

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This week, we travel the length of Kalsoy looking for anyone who actually lives on this mysterious island. Will be find an actual resident? (Hint: yes)

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This week, another in our series of shows focusing on the Faroe Island's closest neighbor, Shetland. Andy Steven is the tourism coordinator for Shetland, and a former guest of this podcast. He's returned to the Faroe Islands this year, and he's brought a planeload of Shetlanders with him.

In an interview first aired on Ras 2, Heri Simonsen gets an update from Steven on the state of tourism in Shetland, and about improving links between Shetland and the Faroe Islands.

Then we go for a burger, and settle a score.

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