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Christmas Bonus Podcast

This special bonus podcast is an excerpt of an interview with Heri Simonsen. In it, we talk about Christmas in the Faroe Islands.

The remainder of this interview is on the subject of radio in the Faroes and will air early next year.

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EP 34: Advertising in the Faroes

In this episode of the podcast, we talk to the head of Kovboy Films about advertising in the Faroes, and his series of short films about the Islands. We'll also take a trip to the spiritual capital of the Faroes.

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EP 33: Faroese Bands, Faroese Language

In this podcast we talk to two bands that performed at this year's Summer Festival in Klaksvik. Frændur and Páll Finnur Páll talk about being musicians on the Faroes and why both bands decided to record their music in Faroese.

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EP 32: Faroese Country Music

In this episode of the podcast, we talk to Edgar Struble, an American musician and composer who has helped produce Faroese country albums for 20 years. We also drive across a bridge that supposedly spans the Atlantic Ocean.

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EP 31: Family Reunion

In this episode, we talk with an American who is in the Faroe Islands visiting family, and take a trip to the bird cliffs.

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EP 30: Faroese Filmmaking

In this episode, we discuss the film culture of the Faroe Islands, and the efforts some people are making to cultivate a new generation of filmmakers.

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EP 29: Marius Performance

This week, we devote our entire podcast to a live performance and conversation with Marius. Hear songs from his upcoming album and listen to him talk about his new sound and why he was away from the Faroese music scene.

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EP 28: The Whaling Edition

On this special edition of the Faroe Islands Podcast, we discuss the controversial topic of whaling.

We speak with an American researcher who is studying whaling in the Faroes, and a Faroese doctor who says whale meat is not safe to eat.

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EP 27: Linda Andrews

In Episode 27, we speak to Linda Andrews, the Faroese singer who won on X Factor in Denmark. We'll also hear about a possible energy-saving device created by a Faroese musician and take a trip to Gasadalur.

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EP 26: Internet in the Faroes

In Episode 26, we talk about the internet with Óli Á Deild Olsen, take a trip to Klaksvik, and recap the recent matches played by the Faroese National Team.

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