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This week, we launch our second annual Kickstarter campaign. We're raising money to return to the Faroes to record more episodes of our award-winning podcast. If you like what you've heard over these past 200 shows or so, please head over to our Kickstarter page and show us a little love.


And because we're still about having fun, we'll play a rowdy singalong from last summer's G! Festival.

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EP 211: Johan Í Kollafirði and Famara

This week, we search for an abandoned city called Famara and talk to the man who started living there. We'll hear about his utopian vision for Famara, and the Faroese government's attempts to remove him from the land. 

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EP 210: G! Festival 2013, Day 3

This week, we remember the final day of the 2013 G! Festival. We'll hear music from Hogni, Lover Lover, and a Faroese supergroup wearing gold lame suits. We'll also hear what is perhaps the silliest interview ever recorded with Teitir. It's all part of one of our most epically long podcast.


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EP 209: G! Festival 2013, Day 2

This week, we check out some of the action on day two of the G! Festival. We talk to people in hot tubs, row out to a boat reserved for VIPs and then settle in for some great music from Teitur, Eivor, and Brynjolfur.

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