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This week, we speak with Producer Tollak Hansen about Christmas in the Faroe Islands and answer the age-old question: "Should I be afraid of that meat?"

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On this show, we talk to the Faroes student who staged a surreal carjacking, then posted the results on YouTube. Then we'll check in with Birgir Kruse and ask him how the Faroese are able to maintain so many cultural institutions despite their small numbers. And finally, we'll hang out by the harbor... but not in a creepy way.

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This week, we talk to Susanna Sorensen about tourism at the Faroes. Then we travel to a village that tourists never go to.

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This week, we're talking to Birgir Kruse about country music, and why it's so popular in Faroese fishing villages. Then, we take a trip to Kunoy. And finally, we want to remind everybody that you can vote for us in the "Travel" category of the Podcast Awards at


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This week, we travel to Fuglafjørður, which is, as the show title might suggest, at the end of a road. While there, we meet up with Jennifer Henke about what makes this little village so cool.

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On this week's show, we talk about football and food. First, we talk to David Scally about the Faroe Island National Team's friendly with Scotland. Then, part two of our conversation with Leif Sorensen about fine dining on the Faroes. And finally, we travel do Sumba to look for the beautiful people.

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This week, we talk to Leif Sorenson about fine dining in the Faroe Islands, visit what could be considered the Los Angeles of the Faroes, and get an update on the news.

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In honor of Halloween, we offer this spooky edition of the podcast. We travel into a tunnel north of Klaksvik and hear some unexpected sounds. Don't listen if you're alone, in the dark, or scare easily.

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This week, part two of our conversation with American poet Mark Wunderlich. Wunderlich recently returned from the Faroe Islands, where he did a poetry reading at a Torshavn club. On the second half of our interview, we talk about Wunderlich's experiences in the Faroese countryside, and about his lasting memories of the islands.

Also, we go to the movies, and issue a bunch of corrections.

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On this episode, we talk to award-winning American poet Mark Wunderlich about his recent poetry reading in Torshavn, and take a trip to Toftir

Look out for this special tongue twister: "top Twitter trending topic."

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