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This week, we'll talk with Jon Beard about the Island Games, which will take place this summer in Bermuda. We'll also share an extremely short clip from Eivor's performance at the Kennedy Center, and hear what misconceptions people have about the Faroe Islands (hint: none).

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This week, a replay of a classic episode. We talk to Hans Andrias Sølvará about the history of the Faroese parliament and tackle the thorny issue of who has the older lawmaking body: Iceland or the Faroe Islands. (Hint: it depends if you're asking a Faroese person or an Icelander).

Then we listen to some planes land at the Faroe Islands' only airport.

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This week we speak to Guðrið Højgaard of Visit Faroe Islands. We’ll talk about the upcoming Cool Nordic festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and about what Faroese artists are participating.


Then we’ll spend a few chilly moments in Norðtoftir, a village that’s almost invisible to many Faroese people.

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This week, we talk to James Proctor. He wrote the Bradt travel guide to the Faroe Islands, the only travel guide dedicated to the Faroe Islands. Proctor was recently in the Faroes to do research for the 3rd edition of the guide. He speaks to us about his long history with the Faroes, and the changes he's seen in the country after 20 years.

After that, we'll visit a village where time stands still... or at least it seems to move a bit slower.

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