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In honor of Halloween, we offer this spooky edition of the podcast. We travel into a tunnel north of Klaksvik and hear some unexpected sounds. Don't listen if you're alone, in the dark, or scare easily.

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This week, part two of our conversation with American poet Mark Wunderlich. Wunderlich recently returned from the Faroe Islands, where he did a poetry reading at a Torshavn club. On the second half of our interview, we talk about Wunderlich's experiences in the Faroese countryside, and about his lasting memories of the islands.

Also, we go to the movies, and issue a bunch of corrections.

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On this episode, we talk to award-winning American poet Mark Wunderlich about his recent poetry reading in Torshavn, and take a trip to Toftir

Look out for this special tongue twister: "top Twitter trending topic."

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EP 67: The Shetland Connection

On this week's show, Heri Simonsen talks to the tourism coordinator for Shetland to learn what common ground there is with the Faroe's closest neighbor. Then, we go to a public square, and complain.

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