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This week, we talk to Birgir Kruse and Eiler Fagraklett about the short story, "Manor." It was written 130 years ago by a German man considered the world's first gay activist. "Manor" is a vampire story set in the Faroe Islands. We'll talk about how this work finally got translated into Faroese and about the groundbreaking life if its author.

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This week, a tribute to our good friend Jennifer Henke. She was one of the first guests on this podcast back in 2009, and she also participated in our first Nordic Obsession Tour this past summer.

This show includes highlights from her several appearances on the podcast.

UPDATE: Jennifer Henke passed away on December 27, 2014, about two months after this show posted. She was 68 years old.

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This week, a debate between Hans Hermansen and Pete Bethune on the contentious subject of Faroese whaling. The debate is hosted by our own Heri Simonsen and was aired live on Ras 2. It is our hope that forums like this will help interested listeners on both sides of the issue to better understand what people on the other side of the divide think.

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EP 226: G! Festival 2014, Day 2

This week, we sample music from day two of this year's G! Festival. We'll hear music from Allan Tausen, Eivor, Lover Lover, Swangah, and ORKA. Then we steal food from Eivor's grandma. Really.

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This week we listen in on a Q&A session Sea Shepherd leaders did at a democracy festival in the Faroe Islands. Sea Shepherd volunteers spent the summer "monitoring" beaches in the Faroes in an attempt to prevent any whale hunts from taking place. 


At this forum, SS volunteers attempted to explain their views to a crowd that, at times, was quite hostile.

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