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EP 232: Faroe Islands Beats Greece!

This week, a short report on the historic upset in the Euro 2016 qualifying match between Greece and the Faroe Islands national football (soccer) team.

The Faroe Islands won the match and, depending on how you measure it, the match may be the biggest upset in international football history. We'll talk a little about the match and how people in the Faroe Islands reacted to it.

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This week's show is our entry for this year's Hear Say Festival in Ireland. It details a run in we had with a feisty turkey last year.

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This week, our coverage of Day 3 of the 2014 G! Festival. We'll hear some music from Marius, Ave, and Confect. We'll sing along on the beach and then evacuate from an oncoming flood. It's another soggy, late night at the coolest music festival in the world.

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