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EP 43: Faroese at SXSW

This week, we speak with two Faroese musicians who are heading to Austin to perform at the South by Southwest music festival. Hogni and Gudrid Hansdóttir talk to us about the festival, and give some thoughts on Texas. We'll also check in on Anny Nygaard's progress on X Factor.

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EP 42: Threes Anna

In Podcast 42, we don't address the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, but we do talk with Threes Anna. She's a Dutch author and director and she's spent the past month in the Faroes doing research for a new novel. We also check in on Anna Nygaard's progress on X-Factor and visit yet another village that just could be the most beautiful in the Faroes.

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EP 41: David Scally, the Plot Thickens

This week, part two of our conversation with David Scally, the Manchester City football fan whose attempt to see his beloved Blues made international news. In part two, Scally is getting reado to return home after his adventures, but something goes terribly wrong.

Also, we check in on various Faroese singers engaged in televised contests, and see who the Faroes drew for Euro 2012.

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EP 40: David Scally and the Trawler Trip

In this episode, we speak with David Scally, a Manchester City fan who traveled to the Faroes to see his team play, and made international headlines in the process. Also, we'll stand in the middle of Torshavn, and our host will do his best Barry White impersonation.

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