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Once again this week, we're wandering the streets of Torshavn. But unlike last week, it's no longer aimless. We meet up with Jogvan A Dul and tag along as he takes pictures of the Faroese capital. He takes this same series of photos almost every morning, then posts them onto Facebook.

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This week, we wander the streets of Torshavn in the morning looking for a mysterious man named Jogvan. Ok, he's not that mysterious, but still, his location was certainly a mystery to us. During our quest, we'll take in the sights and sounds of Torshavn before it has fully woken up.

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This week we stroll the National Mall in Washington, DC with Sigvor Laksa. Sigvor is from the Faroe Islands and manages the woman who is arguably the most famous singer from the Faroes (Eivor). In this show, we wander from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House and talk mostly about the United States, but looking at it from a Faroese perspective.

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