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EP 39: Faroese Airlines--Atlantic Airways

In this episode, we hear part two of our interview with Atlantic Airways CEO Magni Arge, check in on a Faroese X Factor contestant, and reflect on the past year.

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EP 38: Magni Arge, Atlantic Airways, Part 1

This week, we speak with Magni Arge, the CEO of Atlantic Airways, the Faroe Islands' only airline. Then we visit an almost-abandoned village.

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EP 37: Stanley Samuelsen Performance

This special edition of the podcast features music and conversation with Faroese musician and composer Stanley Samuelsen. It's really, really good.

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EP 35: Radio in the Faroes

In this episode, we talk to Heri Simonsen about radio in the Faroe Islands, and we take a trip to a beautiful village in northern Streymoy.

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