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A short interview following the Faroe Islands National Team's 0-0 draw with Hungary.

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A short update as we travel the Faroe Islands looking for new stories. We hunker down inside as 50 MPH winds batter the 150 year-old home we're staying in. Then we'll talk to Olga Loburak, who is from Ukraine but has lived in the Faroe Islands for 15 years.

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On this week's show, an update on our Gofundme campaign, and a look back at one of our favorite episodes.

We follow a Faroese man who talks Torshavn each morning and walks his dog. While he does so, he takes bout 60 photos from the same location and posts them to Facebook. We follow Jogvan A Dul as he makes his rounds and find out why he started this unusual habit. You can see the photos he took that day at his Facebook gallery.

We're replaying this show on the occasion of the passing of Jogvan's dog, Mikki.

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