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This week, we talk to Bogi Godtfred and Hjalti Bogason, they're a father and son (respectively) who recently released a Christmas album in Faroese. Bogi translated about a dozen songs into Faroese and Hjalti did the singing. We'll talk about music, and Christmas on the Faroes, and even hear a track from the new album.

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This week, the sounds of day three of the 2012 G! Festival. We sample some salmon, get compliments, then hear from great music from SAKARIS, Fraendur, and Teitur. If you didn't get a chance to attend this year's G! Festival, slip on some headphones and let us take you there.

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This week, a conversation and music with Knut Eysturstein. We hear home of his G! Festival performance, then we sit down and talk about his new album, and the emergence of the Faroese music scene in the 1990s. Then we hear Knut's new single.

Plus, a report from this summer's G! Festival.

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