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This week, we celebrate Christmas, Faroe Islands Podcast style. First, a portion of an interview Heri Simonsen did with podcast host Matthew Workman on Ras 2. We'll talk about Christmas, music, and a certain reality TV program.

Then we'll delve into the giant mailbox on Sandoy. In 2012, we made fun of the mailbox, and questioned whether it even counted as a mailbox at all. This week, Jogvan Thomsen tells us how we completely missed the story of the giant mailbox, and how it relates to Christmas.

And finally, we try to make ammends with the mailbox we've wronged.

Here's hoping you're having a wonderful holiday season, no matter where you are.

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This week, we talk to Benjamin Hansen. He's not quite 17, but he's already started a film and video studio that employs five people. We'll talk to him about how he got such an early start on filmmaking, and who the small island he's from is suddenly a hotbed of video arts.

Then we go out for sushi.

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This week we talk to Ray Maseman. He's an American artist who spent a month this summer in the Faroe Islands as part of a program called the Arctis Exchange. We talk to Ray about his experience of creating art far from home, and how his new surroundings are inspiring him. Then we listen to a billboard that isn't making any noise.

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This week, we hike up a grassy hill by the sea and talk to Gemma Veneruso of Faroe Islands Whale Watch. Her group was in the Faroes this summer doing a survey of marine mammals that passed the Faroes. Then we check in on the plight of four sperm whales trapped in shallow Faroese waters.

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This week, we stumble upon some sheep shearing on Suduroy. So, you know, we're talking sheep. And stay tuned afterwards for a bonus story about an American soccer club and their rabid fans.

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This week, part two of our conversation with Faroese comedian and politician Sjurdur Skaale. We'll talk to him about serving in the Danish Parliament, and what Danes think of the Faroe Islands. He'll also make the case for the Faroe Islands joining the EU.

Then we join Atlantic Airways CEO Magni Arge for a tour of Torshavn.

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In honor of Halloween, we replay our spookiest episode ever from 2010 where we record what just might be ghosts in the tunnels north of Klaksvik. Then we return to the tunnels three years later to see if the ghosts will give a repeat performance.

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This week, we take up the dispute between the Faroe Islands and the EU regarding fishing quotas. The EU has banned the import of certan types of fish after the Faroes set their own quota for herring and mackerel.

We'll talk to Kate Sanderson, the head of the Faroese Mission to the European Union, Bjorn Kunoy, a doctor of international law, and British MP Alistair Carmichael about the thorny issue of fishing quotas.

And then, just so it doesn't get too depressing, we stand out in the rain in Torshavn and listen to some church bells.

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This week, our good friend Heri Simonsen  talks to Joseph Hickersberger. He was the coach of the Austrian National Football Team on September 12, 1990 when that team was on the wrong end of what's still called the biggest upset in international football history. The Faroe Islands team, playing their first World Cup Qualifier ever, beat Austria 1-0.

Despite having his name forever associated with the Faroe Islands, he had never been to the country until today. He's in Torshavn covering today's Austria-Faroe Islands match for Austrian TV.

Heri talks to Joseph about his memories of that famous match in 1990, and his impressions of the Faroe Islands now.

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This week we talk to comedian and politician Sjurdur Skaale. He's one of the most famous comedians in the Faroe Islands, and was one of the most prominent advocates for Faroese independence. However, he's switched parties and recently got elected to represent the Faroes in the Danish parliament. We ask Sjurdur about the change in heart, and what it's like serving in another country's parliament.

Then we buy an expensive tank of gas.

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