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This week, a command performance of our most popular show. It features some spooky audio we recorded in the tunnels north of Klaksvik. Some say those tunnels are haunted. Are they really? Listen and find out for yourself.

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On this week's show, we meet a teen from Uruguay who traveled all the way to the Faroe Islands to see some football and make some friends. We'll hear his story, then visit yet another beautiful village with amazing history.

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This week, part one of our journey to Sandoy. It's an island just 30 minutes from Streymoy, but it's often neglected by tourists. We'll visit with the island's tourism representative, walk on the beach (yes, a beach!) and find ourselves in the home of strangers.

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There was so much happening at this year's Faroe Pride rally, we didn't have time to cover all of it in our initial report. So here's something we couldn't get to in our first installment. We'll talk to Mariah Schug, who helped stage an exhibition called "What Is Natural?". We talk to her about the show, which brings together art, science, and politics. Then we stand in the wind and look at some ducks.

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