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This week, we get two Faroese perspectives on last week's total socal eclipse in the Faroe Islands. It was a moment when the whole country stopped for just a minute.


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On this week's show, we talk to Rolant Waag Dam. He's one of the organizers of the Faroese Music Awards. The show is in its second year and handed out more than a dozen awards to Faroese musicians last weekend. We'll talk about how the show went, and the state of Faroese music.

Then we'll sit on a bench that may or may not be a musical instrument of some sort.

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This week, we talk to Kate Russo, she's an Australian eclipse chaser who's in the Faroe Islands in advance of next week's solar eclipse. Hosts Matthew Workman and Heri Simonsen ask Russo about her intense interest in eclipses, and what the Faroese can expect when the big event happens there on March 20th.


You can learn more about next week's eclipse at Visit Faroe Islands' special eclipse website.

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This week, we visit what some call the second-largest Faroese settlement, but it's not in the Faroe Islands. Instead, we're heading to a rather bland looking concrete housing complex that scores of Faroese students call home. 

What's it like living in this little slice of the Faroes hidden in Denmark? We'll ask someone who lives there.

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