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This week, our good friend Heri Simonsen talks to Scottish filmmaker Mike Day about his documentary "The Islands and the Whales." The film got it's Faroese premiere this week. Then, we'll chill out at the post office for a few minutes.

Also, we're headed back to the Faroes to record more stories for the podcast, and we need your help to make it happen. Head on over to our GoFundMe page and toss a couple of bucks into the tip jar.

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This week, we complete our visit to Stora Dimun. We'll hike to its highest peak, and speak to the woman who's family has inhabited this island for more than 200 years.

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On this episode of the podcast, we talk about where the podcast has been for the past 2 months, and what you can expect on the show in the future. If you've found yourself asking, "what's up with the podcast lately?" then this show is for you.

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On April 30, 2016, the Faroese parliament legalized same-sex marriage in the Faroe Islands. In the wake of this historic vote, we talk to Eiler Fagraklett, the head of LGBT Foroyar. We'll talk about what it was like to be in the Law Thing when the vote was cast, and we'll revisit some of the important moments in the fight for gay rights in the Faroes over the past five years.

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The Law Thing has voted to legalize same-sex marriage in the Faroe Islands today In honor of that historic vote, we take a look back at the first large scale LGBT Pride march in the Faroes. Believe it or not, it was only four years ago. Now you can relive the moment and get a little misty now that you know how the story ends.

We'll have full coverage of the vote and the celebrations that followed soon.

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This week, we travel to an island many Faroese people have never been to: Stora Dimun. The small island is home to two families, lots of sheep, a few horses and cows, and a lot of jaw-dropping scenery.

We'll take a helicopter out to the island and then take a hike that's not for the faint of heart.

Also, bacon and waffles.

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This week, another in our series on the immigrant experience in the Faroe Islands. We talk to Kinga Eysturland, who was raised in Poland, speaks perfect American English, and is married to a Russian who is a Faroese citizen who is obsessed with Uruguay. We'll talk about the joys and struggles of being a foreigner in close-knit society structured mainly around families.

Then we'll go to a living room in Gota and hear the beautiful and haunting voice of Eivor.

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This week, we wrap up our coverage of the 2015 G! Festival by venturing into the campground and speaking with the hearty souls who sleep and party there. Then we'll listen to a little music from Teitur and Eivor and engage in an early morning ramble about the festival.


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This week, we talk to Chris Ould about his crime novel set in the Faroe Islands: The Blood Strand.

We'll talk about why this English author set his novel in the Faroes, and what he learned while writing it.

Then we'll stroll to the most beautiful place on earth and just soak in the atmosphere. 

Reminder: Time is running out to sign up for this summer's Nordic Obsession Tour. To learn more and travel to the Faroe Islands with us this summer, visit the Nordic Obsession website.

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EP 257: G! Festival, 2015, Day 2

This week, we hear music from Uni Debess, Marius, Monkey Rat, and the Hackney Colliery Band.


Also registration is still open for this year's Nordic Obsession tour of the Faroe Islands. Learn more at the Nordic Obsession website.

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