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This week we talk to Woody Wright, an American gospel country singer who peformed in the Faroe Islands this summer. Then we'll offer a former apology to a hotel.

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This week, we talk about the new Faroese Academy of the Arts. Two of the school's directors talk to us about their plan to bring high-level art instruction to the Faroe Islands.

Then we'll visit a nearby village and think of a friend.

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This week, we talk to two Danish filmmakers about their documentary on Nordic music. The pair spent much of July talking to Faroese musicians and trying to figure out what defines the so-called Nordic sound. While their project isn't finished yet, they're already got some fascinating insights about Faroese music and the people who create it.

Then we head out to windmills that generate electricity and try to avoid flying liquids.

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This week, Heri Simonsen interviews podcast host Matthew Workman for a special Olavsoka edition of his radio program.

They'll talk about the national holiday, the recent Nordic Obsession Tour Workman led, and Heri even asks some questions about a certain group of activists calling the Faroes home this summer.

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This week, part two of our conversation with conservationist Pete Bethune. He founded Earthrace Conservation and hatched a plan to send hundreds of activists to the Faroes to interfere with whale hunts. He eventually abandoned the plan when he determined it would be counter-productive to his goals of ending Faroese whaling.

In the second half of our conversation, Bethune talks about why he objects to the whale hunts and how he believes they might eventually end. He'll also talk about the moment when he started to really like the Faroese people.

We'll end the show by standing outside and apologizing to a hotel.

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This week, part one of our conversation with Pete Bethune. Bethune is a conservationist and animal rights activist. A couple of years ago, Bethune was preparing to assemble a group of 150 activists to patrol the beaches of the Faroe Islands and disrupt any whale hunts. But when Bethune traveled to the Faroe Islands to do some advance work, he abandoned those plans, even though he still strongly opposed the whale hunts. This week, Bethune talks about his first impressions of the Faroe Islands and what convinced him to change his plan to end Faroese whaling.

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This week, we talk to the brewmaster for Faroe Beer. The brewery started in 1888, and alcohol was banned in the Faroe Islands about a dozen years later. But Faroe Beer is still around and they're back to brewing one of their signature beers.

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This week, we talk to three people from Uruguay who traveled to the Faroes to make an ad for a South American credit card. They'd heard of a Faroese man named Ivan who is a mad supporter of Uruguay's national football team and decided to feature him in their ad.

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This week, we talk to a former CEO of Vagar Airport, the only airport in the Faroe Islands.

We'll talk about the challenges of operating an airport in the Faroes, and about the change that is coming to the facility.

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About once a year, we like to check in with the neighbors, namely Shetland and Orkney. The island groups are the closest neighbors to the Faroes, and they share a lot of history. So we talk to Tom Ordeman about his experiences in Orkney and how that culture compares to the Faroe Islands.

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