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The Faroe Islands Podcast

The Faroe Islands Podcast explores the news, culture, and politics of the Faroe Islands... and it's in English so you can understand it.

Aug 7, 2019

At long last, it's the podcast of our live show at the G! Festival. On this special show, we talk to filmmaker Andreas Hogenni about his film "No Ill Will" and social media. Then we hear music from Elin Brimheim Heinesen, and we end by contemplating the temporary nature of joy.

Special thanks to the G! Festival, Sissal Kampmann, and Suni Joensen for helping make this wonderful night a reality.

If you'd like to see a photo album from the show, you can find it here.

During the show, we make reference to a series of images projected on a screen. You can view those images here.