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The Faroe Islands Podcast

The Faroe Islands Podcast explores the news, culture, and politics of the Faroe Islands... and it's in English so you can understand it.

Jun 9, 2019

On this bonus podcast, we update you on the status of our fundraising, congratulate the Faroese National Team, and then hear some new music from Saint Kodiak.

Saint Kodiak won a singing competition in 2003 and recorded an album for Universal Music. He quit the music business after that, but after a hike in the mountains, he knew he had to return to music.

He's released a new album and we're sharing one track on this podcast. If you'd like to hear more, you can find him on Spotify. You can also learn more on his website, instagram, and Facebook pages.

Also, if you haven't donated to our gofundme campaign and would like to, you can find the campaign here. And thanks to everyone who has donated already.