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The Faroe Islands Podcast

The Faroe Islands Podcast explores the news, culture, and politics of the Faroe Islands... and it's in English so you can understand it.

May 13, 2022

On this episode of Home and Away, Stella talks to Savior Mifsud about his life in the Faroe Islands, what he misses about Malta, and the perils of photography in windy places. Also, we're raising money to fund a new season of podcasts If you can help out, please follow this link and toss a few bucks into the...

May 6, 2022

On this episode, we talk to the director and sound designer of a play that adapts a book written by Carl Johan Jensen. We'll hear about the sounds on stage, and why the director calls the adaptation a "massacre."

Also, we're headed back to the Faroes to record more epsiodes of the podcast. If you can help us fund this...

Apr 21, 2022

On this episode, Stella talks to Lucas Frayssinet about moving to the Faroes, his documentary project and... dried fish. Really!

Apr 12, 2022

On this episode, we talk to Hogni Lisberg. He has been a prominent musician in the Faroe Islands for more than 20 years, having performed with the groundbreaking Clickhaze, performing with Eivor, and having a successful solo career of his own. Now he's launched a music publishing company to help get Faroese songs...

Mar 29, 2022

On this episode of Home and Away, Stella talks to Cory Wiggins about growing up in Barbados, his new life in the Faroe Islands, and maybe, just maybe, getting some people to play cricket.