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The Faroe Islands Podcast

The Faroe Islands Podcast explores the news, culture, and politics of the Faroe Islands... and it's in English so you can understand it.

Mar 31, 2011

This week, we'll talk aobut the Faroese census. It's the first on the islands for almost 35 years. Then we'll head out to a cold and windy beach.

Mar 23, 2011

This week, we head out to Sørvágur to take in some Faroese rowing and talk a little about national pride.

Mar 16, 2011

This week, we're talking to Guðrun Rógvadóttir of Guðrun & Guðrun about Faroese sweaters, and how one got a starring role on a Danish crime drama. Then we'll go out to eat at one of the most popular restaurants in...

Mar 9, 2011

This week, we deviate from our format a bit and feature a travel diary from last year's trip to the Faroes. We document what is takes to get from a small town in Oregon to the Faroe Islands. Hint: it's not always easy.


So strap on your headphones and take a trip across the ocean.

Mar 2, 2011

This week, we continue our conversation with Agnes Mortensen. We talk about her life as a PhD student in New Hampshire and discover what adjustments she had to make to move to a somewhat larger city.

Then we visit Gota, even though the G! Festival...